What can I achieve with my patients?

Dynamics VR allows you to optimize the rehabilitation processes of your patients, improving their healthcare experience, adherence and therapeutic alliance. We will reduce the pain experienced by the patient and optimize their functionality through an active approach.

Among the therapeutic effects of virtual reality on patients with pain, that have been scientifically studied, we can find:

A fundamental aspect in the rehabilitation of a person with pain is active coping. With Dynamics we accompany the patient in his or her recovery process to eliminate or reduce pain and continue to carry out daily activities, whether they are work, leisure or sports.

The pillars we stand by to achieve this personalized treatment are: education, self-management strategies and exercise.

With Dynamics VR we accompany the patient in their understanding of pain and transform their concept of rehabilitation.

In patients with neurological disorders our main objective is focused on improving functionality. With Dynamics you will be able to rehabilitate motor tasks in a fun and challenging environment to improve motor learning and induce sensorimotor adaptations in the neuroplasticity of the central nervous system.

Scientific studies have shown the following neurophysiological findings after an intervention with Virtual Reality:

Immersive Virtual Reality can be adapted to individual needs to provide therapeutic interventions within a functional, useful and motivating context. With Dynamics your patients will be able to exercise safely, adapting the movements to the objectives we have set, and taking advantage of all the benefits of Immersive Virtual Reality.