Physical therapy
through Virtual Reality

Dynamics VR is the first virtual reality platform that provides pathology-specific therapeutic applications, adaptable to the patient's profile and condition.

About our software

We offer solutions for

Chronic musculoskeletal pain


Acute pain

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We offer solutions that improve our patients' quality of life

Decreased intensity and unpleasantness/characteristics of pain, both at rest and in motion.
What is the evidence?
Reduced disability, improved ROM, improved strength.
What is the evidence?
If it improves self-efficacy, it improves the prognosis for recovery in patients with musculoskeletal pain. It allows us to improve the patient's perception of their ability to cope.
What is the evidence?

It reduces the psycho-social factors that have been implicated in the persistence of pain.
What is the evidence?

Benefits of using VR: improved adherence, improved session enjoyment, improved user experience, improved patient well-being (mood).
What is the evidence?

We work every day to improve the lives of your patients.

"The feedback from my patients is being absolutely amazing. For example, the educational pills have helped them much more than what I can achieve, plus they find it fun and distracting, and have loved it way beyond their expectations."

Fisioma Physiotherapy Company

"It has caused a lot of changes in the way patients move. Even in people who don't have any body awareness, once they put on the VR glasses they do it perfectly. I am trully happy because it makes them realize that they can do more than what they thought they could."

Irene Jimenez Coach

Jorge Mantilla Physiotherapist

"To be honest, I was a bit skeptical, because I'm not at all technological and I've never been motivated by video games. However, the experience was curious and revealing, especially seeing myself in the video moving with the glasses with more agility and speed."


"It's another tool to solve different problems that we encounter with patients. It makes us stand out because it's the first new-age multidisciplinary tool, and the image of innovation it gives to the company that has it is mind-blowing."

Eshmun Sports Clinic Company

"Movements that they are incapable of doing without VR, come naturally with VR. Plus they love it, they find it an amazing alternative to physical therapy."

Neuro Mechanics Lab Company

"The pain education part is a 10, I loved it, it really helps to start a conversation with patients."

Lorelei Training Trainer

Join the revolution

We started in 2021 with a clear idea in mind: to change the concept of rehabilitation for both healthcare professionals and their patients.
We know there is a long way to go, but we are enjoying every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

The VR goggles we are currently working with have a battery life of approximately 3 h. However, exposure time per patient is not recommended to exceed 30 mins.

We make it easy for you! We include the VR glasses directly in the subscription.
However, you can ask us which models our software is compatible with and purchase the device on your own.

No. You can use Dynamics wherever and whenever you want. The glasses are completely wireless and do not require any additional tools. However, they can be connected to mobile devices via bluetooth connection if you want to broadcast what the patient is seeing.

Our technical director Fernando Morales explains it to you in this Video.

We work to access the software in as few clicks as possible, so that in less than 2 minutes, the patient can start rehabilitating.

Our software is designed specifically for each pathology, allowing you to make adjustments to further customize the experience. While with commercial games you are the one who adapts to their conditions, with Dynamics VR software, it is the software that adapts to you and your needs. In addition, as you can see in the "scientific research" section, it has been shown that specifically designed software, with education in neuroscience pain from a biopsychosocial perspective, relaxation exercises, as well as "games" specifically designed for the specific pathology, show up twice the benefit compared to non-specific software.

Thanks to the Oculus application that you can install on your mobile or tablet, you will be able to link the VR glasses to the application and see what your patient sees. All that is required is that both the glasses and the mobile/tablet are connected to the same Wifi network.

There is no problem, in fact, Dynamics is very well received by this type of patients. It is particularly important to make a prior assessment of their general condition (dizziness, fatigue, standing stability, cognitive status...) and a gradual exposure.

It is a safe intervention, which does not increase morbidity or mortality. The exercises are designed so that the patient can perform them autonomously (under the supervision and discretion of the therapist).
Dynamics only excludes patient profiles for which the use of VR is contraindicated.