How should I apply it ?

Rehabilitation is an essential and crucial health service for all patients. Dynamics VR is a tool that facilitates access to rehabilitation through therapeutic exercise.

There are many ways to include Dynamics with your patients: at the beginning, during or at the end of the session depending on the therapeutic objective we want to work on.

Evaluating specific needs of the patient and deciding how to dose the activity.

It is not intended to replace your usual way of working in the clinic, it is a complementary tool to the usual session. 

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the United Kingdom (NICE) states that exercise, self-management strategies, mindfulness-based interventions, and psychological therapies are recommended as the first line of intervention in musculoskeletal pain. These non-pharmacological interventions improve functionality, quality of life, reduce pain, and emotional distress.

Immersive virtual reality introduces patients to a different environment in which they can modulate the subjective experience and their relationship with the environment and their body. Dynamics is a tool that facilitates patient rehabilitation through an active approach based on movement.

Through an evaluation of the patient's specific needs and characteristics, we will be able to define and elaborate an individualized treatment plan according to the therapeutic objective we want to work on.

Dynamics has been developed to cover the therapeutic objectives most commonly present in patients: it is an effective solution for a recurring problem, and therefore, it is not intended to serve as a tool for everything, but as a specific solution for a major patient problem.

This assessment allows us to adapt the use of Dynamics to your usual work system: you can include it at the beginning, during or at the end of the scheduled session with your patient, as well as dose the activity and use it as a complement to other treatment strategies that you usually use with your patients.