Patient Experience

We show you our new Virtual Reality software focused on improving the patient's experience and reducing their anxiety and suffering. 

Invasive procedures

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Immersive VR application in natural environments to improve the experience, reduce the anxiety and suffering associated with painful and/or invasive associated with painful and/or invasive procedures in pediatric and adult population, as well as in the performance of contraction and relaxation exercises of the pelvic floor muscles.

The objective of this software is to to promote the humanization of healthcare and an improvement of the patient-professional healthcare experience during healthcare.

With this software, many health professional and patient profiles may be candidates for its use.

physiotherapist invasive technique

Which health professionals can use it?

  • Physiotherapists using invasive techniques
  • Physical therapists using range-of-motion gain techniques
  • Physiotherapists working with patients with pelvic floor dysfunctions
  • Health professionals performing painful and/or invasive procedures.
  • Nurses working in the pediatric ward of hospitals
  • Physiotherapists and/or nurses working in ICU units.

Painful procedures in adult and pediatric population

  • Acute painful procedures such as: needles, wound and/or ulcer healing, sutures...
  • Physiotherapy techniques: PPE, EPTE, passive mobilisations, neuro-modulation, dry needling, active assisted mobilisations...
  • Unpleasant medical or nursing treatments for the patient: dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Improving the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Patient Experience

Pelvic floor

  • Male dysfunctions
  • Female dysfunctions
  • Postpartum
  • Pregnancy
  • Post-surgical retraining (prostate, prolapse, episiotomy...)